shipcloseupFremantle Arts Center Studio Artist in Residence
Fremantle, Western Australia
November 2010 – February 2011

Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery
Fremantle, Western Australia
26 February – 13 March, 2011
A mixed media exhibition about the Fremantle Port, exploring the connection between people, place and the stuff we consume. The show included cardboard installations, video projections and soundscapes.

Specs: Container Ship built out of 1.2 tones of Harley Davidson boxes.
Approx. Ship weight: 500 kilos
Photo Credit: Bo Wong

A boat made out of cardboard is suspended in the air.



Fremantle Community Arts Grant, 2014
Central Institute of Technology Artist in Residence, Ceramics Department, 2013
Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery
Fremantle, Western Australia
April 2014

Evolving Memory is a multi media intallation that explores the shifting foundations of memory through video and ceramic sculpture. Evolving memory is the notion that our memories change over time, not always because details are forgotten, but because our present emotions and knowledge influence how we remember our past.

This project documents the act of remembering (body expressions and story development) and interprets the process through video projected interviews on ceramic sculpture. While the interviews narrate an autobiographical story of people’s past, the ceramic sculpture explores similar themes through texture and form.

The audience will experience both the constructed narration of memory as well as the textural translation (through ceramics) of its function.




Cynthia N. White

Cynthia White is a multi media artist with a background in documentary film. Her work uses personal narratives as a framework for querying our interpersonal and inter-ecological relationships. She produces videos and installations that explore this interconnectedness. Recent works include inquiries into the role memory plays in designing our present. White’s work is influenced by her interests in storytelling, myth, mapping, and texture.

White’s work in television includes award winning, international productions like El Show de los Libros (a Latin American literary television show broadcast on People + Arts) and a Bill Moyer’s PBS documentary America’s First River: Stories from the Hudson. Independently, she has directed and produced several documentaries and short films that have won festival awards and appeared on US and Latin American television. Sobarzo Pega Fuerte won best documentary at the Valdivia International Film Festival and was later broadcast on TVN, Chile 2000. Gordo, a film she produced, won two separate audience awards and is frequently broadcast on The Showtime Cable Network. Bird Dog, a short film she wrote and directed, aired on Movieola The Short Film Channel. White’s recent documentary Ship Spotters was screened at BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit and Death Down Under (co-directed with Kathy High) has been screened at multiple national and international conferences.

Cynthia currently works at Penn State University as a Research Associate in the College of Arts and Architecture at the Art and Design Research Incubator, a cross disciplinary platform for art and design based research. She has an MFA in Film and Television from The Academy of Art University.

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